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Unless you work in the diamond or crystal industries, you may be asking the question, “What’s the difference?” Quite surprisingly, the majority of the population is uneducated on the subject due to the extreme visual similarities seen by the untrained eye. However, when making the decision between crystal or diamond jewelry, there are many factors to take into account, including the significant price difference.

Daniel Swarovski I invented a machine that revolutionized the process of crystal cutting and for the first time, made it possible to cut crystal to perfection. It was the invention and patenting of Swarovski’s innovative electric glass-cutting machine, which started the company. In order for Swarovski to achieve the look of their crystals, the crystals are actually cut using the same precision-cutting process in which diamonds are cut.

Authentic Swarovski crystals are made only in Austria and do not occur naturally in the earth. Chemical coatings are used to create the many different colors of the crystals. Swarovski is renowned worldwide for manufacturing their crystal products in different forms, sizes, and shapes, presenting the best in the world in cutting, clarity, and brilliance. When purchasing Swarovski crystal there is nothing to think about, it is guaranteed you are purchasing the highest quality crystal every time. In terms of their operations, Swarovski employs over 20,000 people, with factories in Austria and hundreds of retail stores around the world.

Crystals are commonly referred to as a diamond simulant or imitation. Simulants may look similar to a diamond, but do not possess the same properties. Diamonds are made out of the element carbon. Natural diamonds are made very deep in the Earth about 180 km below the surface where high temperatures and pressure exist naturally. Logically, this is the reasoning behind the higher value and pricing compared to crystals.

When looking to purchase a diamond it is important to know the 4 C’s of diamonds, which is cut, color, clarity, and carat. Diamond certification is an important factor when it comes to buying diamonds and it is sometimes referred to as the 5th C. It is strongly recommended that you purchase a diamond that comes with a report, because you may never know the value and worth of your stone if you don’t.

In terms of their operations, the search for diamonds is not exactly easy. Many miners and diamond diggers in sub-Saharan Africa travel great distances to find work and submit to gruelingly long hours for low wages, or sometimes no wages. Children have often been exploited to do excavation work because they are small enough to be lowered into small, narrow pits by ropes to dig out sacks of dirt, which is in turn washed by other children in search of diamonds.

Also, even though the development of the diamond industry is seen as key to the economic recovery of war-torn countries, massive environmental degradation is also a byproduct of the rush for riches. Land is often cleared and vegetated areas dug up to create open pit mines, leaving them unsuitable for other farming activities. The salt, heavy minerals and chemical products from mining equipment can run off into rivers and pollute vital water sources for mining communities and people living downstream.

It is ironic how two very visually similar objects can have so many significant differences. However, the few mentioned in this article are important to consider when making your purchase. It is a much more complex circumstance to buy a diamond however, the decision to buy either one of these products depends on each individual’s financial situation and reasoning for purchasing.

How to Keep Your Lesbian Dating and Lesbian Lifestyle More Private

Lesbian dating is much more accepted today than it ever was and the giant number of lesbian dating and lesbian singles sites online verifies that. Today lesbian dating and lesbian dating sites are just as mainstream as other singles websites.

There is still plenty of desire on a greater part of the lesbian community to maintain privacy regarding their lifestyle for a variety of reasons including professional. After all if you are a manager of a large corporation and somebody important was to see you in public kissing another woman what impact that may have on your career?

A greater number of lesbian women however prefer to keep it private merely because they have not fully embraced and accepted that lifestyle themselves so it is more of a self-esteem issue than anything else.

The first tip to keeping your lesbian dating and lifestyle more private – meet lesbian singles at dating websites online. This way the only people who know about your meeting other singles are the other people on the dating site and whoever you choose to reveal to. I suppose in this example the only way your lifestyle can become exposed is if there is somebody who is a member of the lesbian dating website that you are and it is somebody that you know. There are many fine high-quality lesbian dating websites today one that stands out in the front of my mind being LDate with memberships starting at around $29 for one month.

The second tip to keep your lesbian singles and lifestyle more private – when you actually go out on dates with your lesbian lady friends arrange dates to places out of town. This affords you a much lower risk of being seen by somebody that you know. The added benefit to this is visiting locations, restaurants, etc., that maybe you would have never visited before.

A third tip to keep your lesbian lifestyle private and to yourself – first, regarding your feelings and need to keep your lifestyle private, don’t hide this from your lady partner. There is nothing wrong with you feeling this way and she should know about it. You may be surprised to find that when the day comes that one of your lady dates becomes more than just a date and somebody who is truly special that you will find your need for privacy regarding your lesbian lifestyle vanishes as you realize your feelings for your new found love are vastly more important than the public’s opinion of your lifestyle.

An Independent Writeup On Ximo Health

Is Ximo Health the business opportunity that you need to take you to the next level?

Ximo Health have recently relaunched themselves and are now controlled by Erick Laver who is now the CEO. You should always consider the leadership of the company before joining and Erick has a LOT of experience. The statistics are extremely impressive, during his time at E’OLA Int (11 years) he was responsible for more than 20 million dollars worth of sales each year from his massive organisation which spanned over 500,000 people. This leader knows exactly what he’s doing, that’s for sure.

What products do they sell?

They market one product right now called Golden Energy and it is a vitamin packed energy juice. It’s also said to have the possibility to aid in weight loss, its first stage of production involves the green tea leaf and a precise heating process before the other ingredients are added. It will also help the body to avoid becoming dehydrated, this is largely due to the addition of Trimethylglycine. It is also said to reduce the risk of heart disease. This product is ideal for sports people and those that just want a boost of physical and mental energy before an engaging task. This juice also contains caffeine.

There is no sugar or calories in this drink so it’s great for people who are dieting.

How much is the product to buy? Well it retails for anything from just under $ 5 – $ 7, depending on how much you buy. Every bottle is said to contain 5 servings. As far as price goes, this is reasonable, I know of other juices which work out much more expensive than this.

With that being said, it’s worth noting that there is a LOT of competition in the Network Marketing industry for these type of products, it seems every other company that springs up has a new ‘juice’. If you are willing to put the work in then it’s possible to do well with this Ximo business.

They are operating a uni level comp plan with the opportunity to get paid down nine levels, however at the top 2 ranks you will qualify for the rather tasty infinity bonus. You can build a good residual income with this type of pay plan and you are also able to earn retail commissions from product sales. Your best bet is to get your people on an autoship.

You will also receive your own replicated website that will allow you to market the product and opportunity online.

It’s certainly possible to have success with this company, these type of juice products are not personally my thing so I wouldn’t join myself. You need to figure out a way of bringing in new qualified prospects to your business every day. Many people who get started in this industry fail simply because they don’t have enough people to talk to about the business.

There are many distributors looking online for solutions to help them build their business. Whilst the internet can’t do everything for us as network marketers, it can certainly help us generate leads, communicate and generate cash flow.